shalzhenji's Journal

fav shows
» flashforward
» castle
» criminal minds
» the big bang theory
» dollhouse
» the sarah connor chronicles
» star trek (ds9 > voy > tng > tos > ent)

fav ships
» lloyd + olivia; simon + janis
» castle + becket
» morgan + garcia
» sheldon + penny
» victor + sierra
» john + cameron
» damar + kira; doctor + seven; data + yar

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» about shalzhenji
Welcome to my journal. I like to think I'm cool, but really I'm probably not. I'm a massive nerd and spend more time on here stalking my friends page and looking and shiny things. Um. I ramble a lot and tend to rant in my personal journal here. If you want to see my graphics, you'll have to check out my icon journal on insanejournal. When I'm not on here, I'm spending most of my time either here or here role playing. That or attempting to finish short stories... which rarely tends to happen :| Oh, um. You can call me Dax, but I've been known to go by Aurelia or Lia in the past uhhh, I'm just about done with college and play saxophone in marching band. Yep. I may or may not add more if I think of things.

» friending policy
If you're interested in friending me, please just post a comment here and let me know! Either let me know if/how I know you, or tell me some things we have in common. It's as simple as that :D

» etc.
My greatest loves are God Joss Whedon, Summer Glau, and Matt Bomer as far as people go and Criminal Minds, Star Trek, and White Collar when it comes to tv. My taste in movies constantly changes, but my all time favorite movie is Armageddon. Um. Yeah, that all probably could have gone above - oh well.